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Samsung:   Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, ductless split systems and air cooled chillers.  




CaptiveAire Paragon: DOAS Rooftop units and heat pumps.




Multistack: High efficiency magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers, and modular chillers for comfort cooling, process, and heat recovery  applications.  


Petra: Complete HVAC line, specializing in high quality low-cost packaged DOAS units and split systems.




Haakon Industries:  Custom air handling units from 500 to 200,000+ cfm for a variety of applications.  Knock-down construction is available.  



Florida Heat Pump:  Water to air heat pumps for geothermal and conventional tower applications, water to water heat pumps, and roof-mounted water source heat pumps and make-up air units.




AcoustiFLO:  Low sound (10-12dB quieter) plenum fans.  Up to 81% Efficient, 15% more than traditional fans. Ideal for air-handling replacement. 




Aerofin:  Heating, cooling & integral face & bypass coils.




Bioclimatic:   Air purification systems, gas phase filtration systems, custom filter housings, kitchen exhaust systems, high volume filtration systems, pressurization units. 



Canariis Corporation: UL listed Packaged pumping systems and packaged chiller and boiler plants. All systems are electrically, hydrostatically, and flow tested at design conditions prior to shipment.




Climate by Design, Inc. (CDI): Active desiccant dehumidification units for low dew point applications and strict humidity control in various industrial and commercial applications. 




Robur: Gas fired, single phase, no mechanical compressors or engines. Drastic reduction in electrical power consumption, environmentally friendly, durable, modularity.


Sharc Energy Systems: Wastewater heat recovery system and a strategy of using wastewater as an alternative resource in place of cooling towers and geothermal well fields.




Building Performance Equipment: High-efficiency, air-to-air, direct counter-flow energy recovery ventilators. Typically 80% thermally efficient on up to 98% and have an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) that is between 36 and 160 EER.

Sigma Corporation: Hot water unit heaters, cabinet unit heaters, wall fin, convectors, radiant heaters.

Direct Coil:  Fluid coolers

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Magic Aire: Vertical and horizontal ultra quiet unit ventilators with ECM fan technology and variable speed compressors.  





Neptronic (NEP): Humidifiers including electric, gas fired, steam to steam, direct steam injection, atomizing, and evaporative type. Open, tubular, and finned-tubular electric duct heaters.Terminal unit controllers, thermostats, and actuators for various applications.





Omega: High rise and retrofit heat pumps, hybrid heat pumps.





P&G Manufacturing Inc: Containment filtration systems for various applications


Poolpak International: Indoor pool, whirlpool, and general-purpose dehumidification units.





Rosemex:  Fan coils, Induction units, custom air handlers and valves




Systemair: ERV's and catalogued air handlers.



Snow Technologies (Snow Tech): Commercial snow melting systems with steam heat exchangers or boilers, pumps, and controls. 




Superior Rex: Extensive range of fan coil and air handler units, designed for reliability, efficiency, and longevity.





Tower Tech Inc. Cooling Towers:  High-efficiency counterflow fiberglass modular cooling towers.



Waddell Engineering:  Laboratory control valves


Yaskawa: Variable frequency drives for HVAC applications.  


Lynxspring: Complete open-protocol building management controls systems with web-based remote access, full installation and commissioning included.



Krueger: Fan coils, blower coils, and VAV boxes





Delta Controls: Dependable and user-friendly building control solutions for commercial, healthcare, education, leisure buildings and more. Fully integrated native BACnet building solutions encompassing HVAC, Lighting and Access products. 

Raywall: Electric unit heaters, wall heaters, baseboard heaters, and other specialty heaters. 

Airedale: Vertical classroom unit ventilators

Thermoplus: Water cooled packaged DX units and dehumidifiers.

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